Chapter 8

Praise for the Dog

"Pat Snyder uses humor to tackle the often perplexing realities of modern family and work life. Readers will be inspired to follow her lead by turning their own familiar frustrations into manageable, mini mirth moments. This is very enjoyable, easy, and useful reading."

Steve Wilson, Founder, Cheerman of the Bored,
World Laughter Tour, Inc.


"Pat has an insanely funny way of talking about our everyday lives that leaves you laughing, crying, relating and somehow, hopeful. And her 'leash laws,' practical tips for organizing your time and you life, are right on."

Marla Dee, President, Clear & SIMPLE, Inc.
Professional Organizers and Trainers


"Have you lost seven (or more) years of your life and have no clue where they went? Well, don't waste more time sniffing the bushes and pawing the ground because in her new book "The Dog Ate My Planner", Pat Snyder hysterically digs up every time waster -- from decoding the latest technology to having Howard Hughes fingernails applied to flossing. Pat may not be able to give your your time back, but she certainly can help you laugh at yourself and enjoy life more. I was so happy reading this book, I rolled on my back in the grass. Twice."

Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant,
author of Not Guilty by Reason of Menopause


"Pat Snyder shows you how to laugh at your hectic, out-of-control life. So don’t try to get your life in order. Put it off another day and read her book instead."

Tim Bete, author of Guide to Pirate Parenting and
In the Beginning…There Were No Diapers